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himolla Fernsehsessel 9773 – braun – 69 cm – 105 cm – 82 cm – Polstermöbel > Sessel > Fernsehsessel

The next row of cedar shingles will be placed above the first row. To ensure that each lines up properly, use chalk to draw a line signifying their placement. This should be a straight line atop the already placed cedar shingles. Install the 2nd row of shingles following the same steps as above, taking care to align each one horizontally. Continue each row of shingles atop the previous one as outlined.

Once you have reached the roof’s peak, place building paper on the structure before placing another row of shingles on each side. Trim the edge of each shingle so they conform to the peak of your roof’s structure. Installing cedar shingles properly will allow air circulation underneath the wood to prevent the shingles from becoming soggy or otherwise damaged.

Longevity of a Cedar Roof Shingles

Installing cedar shingles is a long term investment as they may last anywhere between 15 and 40 years. Their longevity depends on several factors, including climate and the roof slope. In general, a steep roof will allow less damage because the slope prevents rain and snow from gathering and causing damage to the wood. A flat, less sloping roof may allow elements to build up and cause added weight to the roofing structure. Excessive weight is not good for the structure and may cause a lot of problems, including the need to do an entire roof replacement.

Installing cedar roof shingles will give the home a natural covering, which can last for many years. Because wood is designed to withstand various types of weather and other natural occurrences, installing cedar roof shingles will require very little maintenance as the years continue. With age, they will develop a rustic look, which will add a touch of tradition to any home.

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